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Thursday, January 24, 2013

today I give you
The ingredients for a happy Thursday:

You will need:
1 part snow day
2 cups of coffee (shared after 10:00 am)
2 parts wear-your-pjs-all-day
1 part play in the snow
1 part skip-a-real-blog-post

Wake up at 6:30am to find out school is cancelled.  Run rapidly to the nearest window and witness 2" of snow on the ground.  Quickly turn off all other alarms and fall back asleep until 10.  Wake up, double check that said snow wasn't a dream, jump up and down like a little kid, then proceed to enjoy coffee, pjs, and fun in the snow with your nearest fellow teacher.

It's no Messy post, and it's no get to know me post, but just checking in to rub in that I don't have work today...

...isn't that sweet?


More to come after the weekend.
stay warm, my friends!!  


Aimee said...

I am so jealous! Not only did we not get a snow day today (in Ohio), but the heater pump broke at our high school.

So here I am typing this comment in... a 58 degree classroom. Ahh-- fingers are SO cold.

Laura said...

So jealous of you right now!! Enjoy your day off! :)

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

super cute outfit! have a good day off!

Katie said...

I am so jealous!! 2 inches of snow gets you a snow day? i hope you enjoy your day!!

Helene said...


Staci said...

Jealous! All my teacher friends just found out they're cancelled for tomorrow. I should've been a damn teacher.

Kelly Ann said...

I wish I got a snow day! We do not have those in NYC :(

Sparkles and Shoes

Whitney Cypert said...

Hi Christina! New follow from For Lauren & Lauren. I am jealous of your snow day. Sounds like a great day! Loving your boots and scarf! :)

Catalyn H said...

SNOW DAY!!! We had a 2 hour delay and it was the bestest.

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