Monday, January 21, 2013

I love 3 day weekends.
love love love.  Especially when they involve beautiful weather, fun family shenanigans, and a nice burn in the thighs/calves after good weekend-long workouts!  We spent ours with family at a ski resort (hence the burn), and although they're not the best quality, enjoy some snapshots of our little vacay:

clockwise from top left:
\\gorgeous sunset after night 1 at the resort
\\my food diary encouraging me to keep up the good work (it was a nice & active day with over 1,000 calories burned through skiing)...  too bad that is both improbable and impossible if I want to do it healthily
\\50 text messages greeted me after being in a no-service zone for about... 2 minutes #lovemygirlfriends

clockwise from top left:
\\me + skis = good time
\\3 of my favorite men
\\after a long day of skiing
\\pantzy & I (PSU sistassss)

clockwise from top left:
\\gave ice skating a go
\\ice skating conga line?!
\\the best thing that's ever happened to me (mushy gushy ushy)

Hope your weekend was special & relaxing :)
Linking up with Sami & Leeann... which reminds me, I owe my girl Sami a little snap chat (crm5120)


Laura said...

What fun!! A family ski trip sounds like the best way to spend a winter 3-day weekend! I know what you mean about the burn in your legs - feels good and bad at the same time! At least you're having fun while you workout ;) Love all your pics - especially the one of you and Nina. Adorable!

Brooke Houston said...

Where did you go skiing? I just went to Angel Fire about three weeks ago. I love skiing, but only for about 3 days :)

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