Thursday, May 09, 2013

I like easy peasy lemon squeezy DIYs that look nice, but are in my "DIYability" level (which is very much classified as beginner).

Enter onesie garland for Melissa's rubber duck themed baby shower.
I had seen pictures of them before, but figured it looked easy enough that I didn't even use a tutorial to re-create one of my own.  I know I'm talking this up to be more than it actually is, but go with me here, please and thank you :)

you will need:
paper of varying colors
1 sheet of graph paper
large paper punchers in different shapes
double sided tape
small hole punch

first step:
draw out your onesie template.

I'm a little particular about clean lines & symmetry, so the graph paper made it super easy to draw and space out evenly.  Depending on how large you'd like your garland to be, I'd suggest about 8-10" for the height of the template and 4-5" across.  

cut out on multiple sheets of paper of different colors & patterns.  You'll need as many onesies as you'd like letters on the garland.  I wrote "BABY KALEB" and left an extra onesie before, after, and in the middle of the two words.

hole punch for the twine, and decorate as you wish.  I used my larger decorative punches to make little "plates" for the letters & used buttons for closures and other decor.  You could be as creative or as lazy as you'd like with this making it the easiest DIY evaaaaaa.

and who doesn't like easy, huh?
I can't wait to make more for other friends in the future, but don't expect to see one for this lady any time soon, that's for sure!!!  

and a great big ol bear hug to Katie & Steph for getting there ish together reopening their SPDlinkup :)  Love you girls!!

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely adorable!

Jill said...

This is super cute and seems really easy! :)

kilipohi said...

This looks amazing and super simple.

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