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Monday, May 13, 2013

One more week to put down in the books for school year 2012 - 2013 & I am super psyched that we're almost done.  It's been a great year, but we're all ready for sionara :) 
What I'm not so psyched about; however, is our weather as of late...  in the 30s some nights, 80s other days, and storms like woah.  It keeps my outfit planning exciting though; dress one day, pants & a scarf the next.  


Clockwise from top left:
shirt + scarf: old navy | pants: target
dress (and dressing room): target
shirt: banana republic | scarf: target | pants: old navy
dress: old navy | cardigan: target

Target/Old Navy obsession?  Me?  n e v e r.

I've also whipped out some things that make me even more excited for the summer... 

Again, clockwise from top left:
new cotton pj dress for lounging during the day: target
fresh florals {a weekly necessity}: c/o one of Nick's little students to me :)
bright manicures + pedicures
summer sips in penn state mugs with pretty straws.

And a few other tids + bits:
EIGHTEEN bags of gummy bears were given to Nick for teacher appreciation week.  18!  What are we ever going to do with 18 bags of gummy bears?  
I got to see my little Mia boo this weekend while visiting my parents weeeee!!
More goodies to Nick for teacher appreciation {perks of marrying a 5th grade teacher}
and dinner on Mother's Day was spent with 2 of 3 of my siblings and my parents at the Melting Pot.  food coma & so worth it.  

And a little confession...  This may have happened at one point:
Yes, that is a rainbow assortment of some of my nail polish collection.
And yes, I do realize that's not 'normal' behavior.  but I now know I need more oranges, teals, and purples for this summer so I consider it a necessary evil, capisce?

with that, I'm outie 500.
linking up a little late {but better late than... never, right?} 

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The Pink Growl said...

i will gladly help you eat those 18 bags of gummy bears if you need assitance :)

Kait said...

YOU SHIP THOSE HARIBO BEARS STRAIGHT TO ME! Those little suckers are my absolute favorite! And I love that you stand on the toilet to take photos :) But makes me smile!

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