Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am so blessed to have such a loving family.  We love, laugh, fight, pray, play, and support harder and stronger than anyone (although I may be biased hee hee), and have a great time together.  Whether it be a casual get together, or a formal affair, we always know how to enjoy ourselves.

With that, I know the old adage states a picture is worth a thousand words, but the happiness & love captured in the following pictures truly leaves me speechless.  Every memory made is so precious and dear to me, and the ability to capture them permanently leaves me forever grateful.  I hope you enjoy the glimpses into our happy little life from Saturday :)

My cousin, RaeAnna

My cousin, Niko

Graduation present to Nina: 2013 season tickets to PSU football games (and the promise of a sister reunion where we'll sport our shirts)

My handsome grandfather on Father's Day

Cousin Jack + brother playing around 
boys will be boys...

Sisters // Best Friends // Partners in Crime :) 

My cousin, Tony inquisitive and curious.

My Grandpa & my Dad  Love these two men to infinity and beyond...

My cousin, Elle

Mom with Nina 

And lastly, my future husband and I!  (31 days to go!!)

See what I mean...?  Nearly speechless here.
Happy Wednesday, Love bugs :)

[not pictured from the weekend: Aunt L, Aunt R, Uncle M, Aunt C, Grandma G, Grandma M, Cousin K + Nick 2]

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