I believe

Monday, June 24, 2013

I've seen some of these "I believe" posts done now and again throughout the internet, and figured as I pick this blog back up and put her on her feet again, it might be a refreshing little "insight" into who the girl behind this blog really is.  So without further ado, here's what I believe...

I believe in criticizing others, but only constructively.
I believe in cheating on your diet...  but never on your spouse.
I believe in fighting, and yelling, and growing, and making up harder than you fought.
I believe in long naps and hitting snooze as many times as possible before your spouse gets upset.
I believe in hand written thank you notes that are sent in a timely manner.
I believe in afternoon naps followed by afternoon cups of coffee.
I believe in sunscreen, but also believe in getting a few shades darker once summertime hits.
I believe in date night, and kissing each other daily, and pet names, and love.
I believe in making yourself your #1 priority, but attempting to keep a balance among others' needs as well.
I believe in throwing away trash, but holding onto priceless treasures.
I believe in sharing your froyo (hint, hint: Nick)
I believe in finishing off a bottle of wine after a hard week.
I believe in gym kicks... and equally such I believe in couch potatoism (sometimes)
I believe in recharging the batteries over the summer, and coming back full force in August.
I believe in a good, old fashioned phone call; sans text, sans Skype, sans distraction.
I believe in God, I believe in family, and I believe in Nick & I.

I believe in at least 1 photo / blog post... and I believe it counts for double points if it's embarrassing/cute
And lastly, I believe I am lucky to have you :)
Thanks for stopping by!

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Katie said...

that picture is too cute! and loved this post. agree with you on so many!!! :)

Rachel Cloutier said...

aw missed you gf! although who am i to talk? I've checked out too a lil from blogland! can't wait for your wedding!! it's almost time! i forgot are you guys going on a honeymoon?

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