Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stressful life since moving into a home, meet vacation.  Vacation, meet stressful life.  
This has been it.  The real deal.  Just what the doctor ordered.  And thank you OBX for that.  Nick and I have been newlyweds for ONE MONTH and yet life has smacked us hard enough to feel as though we've been married for an eternity.  Cue this getaway.  

I promise to the moon and back that I have more wedding recaps to go, but for now let's live in the here & now, shall we?  Because when you are getting ready to go hard at work and life it's nice to escape and recharge and put everything else on pause.  

Awhile back, my friends had contacted me about joining them in Duck, NC for a week at the beach.  After a few emails and texts back and forth we were set to meet up and enjoy one another's company.  We spent almost every day on the beach or outdoors in some form (even on the rainy days!), got killer tans, and made the best little memories.  I'm already excited for next year and am cooking up ideas for how to make it even better :)

Enjoy a picture reel and quick snippets of the highlights of our vacation!!  

On the way down; storms and traffic galore.  
In traffic spotted: an oversized pencil!!  
Fortunately the tides changed and the weather turned! 

Nothing quite like reminiscing about the whole just married thing.  
Thanks for sending us with the candy, Dad.  

The fun has arrived :) 

rainy day beaches & dark waves 

Snapchatting everyone we know.  

Alongside 2 chefs (honestly - the girl in the pink sweatshirt, Christine, is 
phenomenal and the guy above, Adam, even went to culinary school!) 
we had AMAZING food every. damn. day. 

One of my PSU girls & bridesmaids, Caitlin <3 

In the middle of some sort of drinking game.  

Beach bum boy :)  And he's alllllllll mine.  meee-ow. 

Tan skin & happy smiles on our last night 
(not pictured: delicious sushi & oysters) 

And of course, another picture of the water.  

Other parts of the highlight reel: traffic out the wazoo, jet skiing & knocking Nick off the jetski going over 50mph (whoops), light up glasses, cards against humanity, watching Borat, being introduced to MTV's Catfish, baseball, cornhole, cook outs, gourmet food for every meal, hot tubs, brown recluse spiders, aaaaand searching the pants off of rental homes for 2014.  

Thanks for having us, guys :)  Can't wait until our next gathering!!  

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Katie said...

sounds wonderful! i want to be on that beach!!

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