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Monday, November 25, 2013

It's official:  I've cracked.  Everywhere you turn in our home will instantly lead you to think, "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."  It's a work in progress (decorating our home for the first time is so darn exciting and I have a million ideas that have yet to come to life!), but I've been enjoying putting it all together even if I have been driving Nick a little crazy.  

As of late I've caught the Christmas crafting bug and have done a couple mini projects (two of which pictured here).  On Friday, my girlfriends and I took to pinterest and brought this craft to life.  We each had our different takes (ornaments, beads, sparkly styrofoam balls), but I decided I wanted to stick with the cranberries and make a smaller letter for our mantlepiece or a shelf rather than for the door.  

(The back of the wooden letter - I forgot to snap a picture before gluing all the berries on!)  

Supplies (all found at Hobby Lobby):
2 pieces of red cardstock
glue gun + glue
4 bundles of berries
Wooden letter

I did the first layer initially then did a partial second layer to add depth and fill holes:

and, viola!

All tutorials we found were so easy to follow...  And gluing on all the berries really wasn't as tedious as I had worried it would be.  My only two suggestions are to glue the coordinated colored card stock down on your letter first (to make holes less noticeable), and to be super careful when pulling/cutting the berries off (I cut my fingers a couple different times).  I might even suggest gluing the card stock on the outline of the letter as well incase you have a side view of the letter.  

Any Christmas crafts you've been eyeing down and/or completing as of late?  Do tell.  

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