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Monday, November 18, 2013

They came.  We ate.  We partied.

And here it is Monday morning (or afternoon or evening depending on your reading preferences), and I'm exhausted.  But this is to be expected, right?  And worth every last spec of dirt on the floor, and spilled drink on the countertops.  Because when you have some of the best friends, it's bound to be a great housewarming party.

We spent the last week or so cleaning and prepping food/beverages, but as I've said before, our house "makeovers" have been a long time in the making.  Even though this would be the perfect opportunity to do a home tour, I still haven't gotten around to photographing the home the way I'd like, so that'll just have to wait.  As a matter of fact, I only have two pictures from this weekend, so you'll just have to trust my descriptions and know that it was just right.  

On tap:
Miller lite keg
Watermelon & green apple jolly rancher jell-o shots
Wine (wine, wine, and more wine)
An eclectic mix of other beers

To munch:
Cinnamon brown sugar pancakes for breakfast
Chocolate chip cookies
Taco dips
Rotel dip 
Caprese skewers
Pumpkin dip
Hamburgers & hot dogs
To do:
Corn hole
Flip cup
Beer pong
Baseball drinking game

Not to mention both of my teams (Penn State + the Steelers) managed wins this weekend making me an extra happy camper :)  I can't wait for more home adventures with our friends and family, and am excited to be going through all this with this guy: 

He has my heart forever and always.  Happy housewarming, babe :)  And to our friends and family - you're always welcome back!!  

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Laura said...

So much fun :) Glad your party went well!!!

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