Sunday, December 08, 2013

5 things I'm doing this week:
-baking/eating a variety of Christmas cookies (I'll attending a cookie bake Friday!!)
-willing the snow to come and cancel school at any point(s) in time
-addressing/stamping/mailing my parent's Christmas cards for them 
-plow through episodes of Dexter with Nick (we just stared watching a week or two ago...  I know, I know; #latetotheparty) 
-continuing to purchase/wrap the perfect Christmas packages

4 things I'm currently dreading:
-10 more days of school until winter break
-paying our electric & gas bills every month until mid April
-cutting Nick's hair for him sometime this week
-weather related headaches (especially with all of our recent temperature fluctuation)

3 things I've been loving to wear lately:
-Nick's adidas track pants
-my northface
-sparkly jewels atop cozy sweaters

2 things I really couldn't live without:
-my iPhone
-this hunka-hunka-burning-love 

1 thing I need to get my hands on:
-Despicable Me 1 + 2

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