The last week of November, 2013

Monday, December 02, 2013

Happiest belated Thanksgiving to all!  We're back in full-on school mode for the next 15 weekdays, but are also ready for winter break.  December has a lot in store for us in terms of family gatherings, holiday parties, and other happenings, and I can't wait.  Ashlyn put it so perfectly; "December [is] the month of joy, happiness, & to finish what you started.  Here's to finishing out twenty-thirteen!"  

We just got back from one of the aforementioned family gatherings with Nick's side in Pennsylvania.  After working on Monday and Tuesday of last week, we tucked ourselves into bed at 6:00pm and woke up before the birds to hit the road at 1:30am.  Some people thought we were crazy, but we were anxious to get to Nick's parents house and we had no desire to sit in traffic so off we went.  We arrived at my in-laws just as they were getting ready to leave for work, so as we bid them adieu, we went for a nap to recharge the batteries.  After the nap, we filled the day with movie-going (loved Catching Fire!) and Thanksgiving Eve with friends.  

Thanksgiving morning came and with that, Nick couldn't have been a happier little camper.  I'm not really all about the turkey and cranberry sauce, but when I tell you Thanksgiving is Nick's favorite holiday I'm not kidding around.  He lives for his father's ham and ham gravy, the side dishes, the pies, and the football.  Especially when his beloved Cowboys pull out the W.  And double especially when his wife takes him out to Wal-Mart at 6:00pm after he's all stuffed like the turkey he ate to purchase a bigger badder HD Smart TV for Christmas.  

After all the fun festivities with the extended family, we headed back to Nick's parents' house and played cards like a million billion times.  We played a few days in a row (we're pretty serious about our Pinochle around these parts), and if you know anything about this game, you will know why this hand was definitely picture worthy.  Couple that with the fact that Nick had a run + another set of aces, you'd quickly realize we were a force to be reckoned with.  

So then black Friday came and out went the MIL and I.  We had a fun time and snagged a few goodies (very much loving the smell of my fresh balsam candles right now), and am happy that our relationship continues to grow stronger and stronger :)  

And now here we are, home again home again giggity gig.  Next on the to-do list: continue Christmas shopping, begin baking cookies, and get these bad boys put out in the mail:

How was the rest of your Thanksgiving holiday?  Do tell.

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The Pink Growl said...

I love that Jcrew jewelry - soooo pretty & fancy! I love that quote about December from Ashlyn about "finishing what you started for 2013" well said!

Laura said...

Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! sounds like a great weekend of relaxation with the family :)

Amie said...

My husband was happy about his new black Friday TV too!! Your Christmas cards look cute!

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