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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

So what do you do when you had almost a 2 week winter vacation, then 1 day at work, then 3 days off, then 1 day at work, then a day off followed up with a 2-hour delay?  You try your absolute hardest not to just slop around the house all day erryday like you desperately want to, that's what you do.  And you also try your triple hardest to remember what day/date of the week/month it is.  Trust me, it's harder than it sounds.

You accomplish this by waking up and drinking yummy coconut chia Kefier for breakfast. 

 And by selecting your favorite k-cup to be brewed by your at-home-too husband.

 And you watch it brew...

 Then enjoy said cup 'o joe over a few pinteresting ideas.

Afterwards you dilly dally, head off to tutor, run to IKEA (we went to sneak a peek at this bad boy), grab some lunch, and get stuck in traffic.

You then go to the gym and work out for a minute or two...  Then find yourself in a sauna.  And cannot wait to get back stat (to the sauna, not the gym).

You then return to your happy little home and tend to it a bit.  

Dinner approaches, and you enjoy yummy turkey crock-pot chili with fat free mozz on top.  

You yearn for a glass (or bottle) of wine with your chili...  then decide against it for the sake of your diet.  

You distract yourself with other measly tasks (i.e. laundry, laying out clothes for the following day, & dishes), and notice your basil plant might just live after all.

You then end up cozied on the couch with your hunka burning love and stay up a little past your bedtime (you have a two-hour delay and all), and enjoy a cup of hot green tea for a little nonalcoholic night cap.

And that's how it's done.  

Honest honest, I'm praying we don't have any other cancellations (delays are A-OK by me) until mid/late February and/or March because we need to get back to our routine.  My kids were a little squirmish today, and I just know they will be better off for it when we get some more consistency and flow going.  Here's to hoping :) 
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