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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Oh, hey.  Will you look at that - we're already 2 full days into 2014 and I haven't even recapped my NYE...  Time really does fly by faster the older you get, doesn't it?!  Mmkay, so it went a little something like this:

boy + girl get their fancy pants on (aka casual chic) and head over to a friends' house with buffalo chicken dip, champagne, and tequila in tow.  

boy, girl, and said friends spend the night drinking, laughing, eating, and playing silly games such as buzzword & charades.  

girl sneaks out her schnazzy new Christmas gifted camera and takes a zillion and two pictures with it.  

all of a sudden, it is 11:58 and the group gathers around the tv with champs popped & poured.  

the ball drops, boy kisses girl, girl steals another 3 kisses from boy, and they all lived happily ever after.

or something like that...  I'll let you figure out the rest given the above goofy picture.  (hint: advil, water, + a full day in bed)

happy new year to all & to all a good night (or day) !!  


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