you have as many hours in a day as beyonce

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I am one proud sister, let me just tell you what.  My oldest of my younger siblings was recently offered her first big girl job working for the company she hoped would offer her a position!  Although we're not entirely sure yet where they will take her, we're all elated that all her hard work is paying off.  She will be graduating from Penn State in the coming months and will then jet off to bigger and better things :)  

The quote you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce immediately came to mind upon hearing the good news.  Bella (my sister) loves her some Queen Bey and you know what, she (along with Beyonce) has been rocking it as of late.  I wanted an excuse to do a quick little craft & knew this is what I had in mind:

I had seen similar mugs on Pinterest mostly through this Etsy shop; however, I wanted it to be a little more personal & knew it was worth a shot.  
I followed a tutorial I've seen posted time and again & didn't seem to have any issues!  The hardest part was finding a white mug that actually said it was oven safe.  Thankfully, I was able to snag one at Home Goods for $2.99.  
On the other side of the mug I added "Queen B" as a double entendre (referencing both Bey & Bella).  
I delivered it when I visited with her last weekend for Blue & White weekend and was so happy to see her smile.  Bella, we're all so proud of you!!  LYMI :)

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