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Friday, May 23, 2014

Piggybacking off of May 9th's post, not much has changed.  As a matter of fact, I spent quite a few moments last weekend shedding tears over my current employment situation.  I'm so grateful to have a job & am not trying to take that for granted, but it's hard to take what's going on to us teachers lying down.  I was 2 classes away from being a mathematics major; I could have gone into accounting, engineering, or any multitude of other careers.  Instead, I chose teaching.  I shouldn't be punished for choosing teaching.  Financially, verbally, emotionally; it's taking it's toll. 

As I mentioned before, the students are most certainly exhausted; and who could blame them?  8 classes, multiple standardized and advanced placement tests, and other obligations are pulling them in all directions.  I can tolerate and understand their apathy.  I can excuse their apathy.  What I can't excuse nor understand is what's going on behind the scenes financially.  Without digressing to much information, words like "budget cuts," "position cuts through attrition," and "increased healthcare costs" are floating around our county like the icky green pollen that films my car daily.  

But after having a heart to heart with my husband and my parents, I decided there is still hope.  The light at the end of the teacher tunnel may be dim, but there are so many other things in my life to be grateful for.  I'm taking things day by day over here with the 'ol career, and haven't made any life changing moves (yet).  But knowing I only have to wake up 16 more times and drive to work until August makes me one happy little camper (unless, of course, I take on summer school).  That's something to smile about. 

Some other things that are putting more pep in my step as I finish out the year (aside from the obvious; family, friends, God, health, jobs, etc.) are as follows:

1.  I now know the difference between a perennial and an annual plant.  I also know that I'm currently the proud owner of 3 rhododendron trees, 2 azalea bushes, daisies, iris, daffodils, lavender, liriope, peonies, lillies, 2 hosta bushes and a multitude of other trees and plants.  Y'all, I have FLOWERS.  Now let's see if I can keep them alive.  (pictures of some of my blooms wrap up the post)

2.  I have Netflix access to Netflix via my parents.  Which means Grey's season 6 - present binge watching is in full throttle.  Bring it on Meredith, Derek, Miranda, et. al., I am ready for you! 

3.  We may-or-may-not be adding a special little fluffy member to our family in June (which is JUST around the corner might I add!!)  I'm not posting pictures of her yet, but she is ADORABLE.  So fluffy and lovable and perfect I could die.

4.  Steaks on the grill are back in full swing.  Along with grilled veggies of all kinds, grilled chicken, turkey burgers, etc.  Thank you, warmer weather & thank you grill-master-husband.

5.  God made allergists & therefore, Nick will no longer be miserable day in & day out.  Just a couple of shots every now and again (eek!) and he'll be good as new.  It's a little give and take, but it's better than what he has been dealing with.
6.   I have not one, but TWO girls weekends with my college friends coming up.  They are coming down to visit us in June, and we are then meeting up in July to celebrate the 4th together.  There is so much goodness going on with all of them; career moves, home purchases, babies, engagements...  all things worth smiling over.  

7.  My car no longer makes a grumbling grinding noise when I brake.  I was going to go kooky if I had to deal with that for 6+ years (she is a new car, you know) and thank GOODNESS they found and fixed the problem stat.

8.  Our wedding cake is in Virginia!  It's been housed at my grandparent's since July and is now in my Aunt's freezer waiting for Nick and I to go pick it up Saturday.  Silly as it may sound, but we continually forget to bring it back with us if and when we are in PA.  With a one year anniversary in 2 months, it was time our cake (gross or delicious as it may be a year later) to make it home.  

9.  It's MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND which means 3 days jam-packed with NON teacher things.  This my friends, is the bomb.com.  Sun, family, and extra sleep = happy me.  

10.  And lastly, even though it took me 45 minutes to drive home today after school (a distance that usually takes around 20), I'm HOME sweet HOME!  And on my comfy sofa with a nice adult beverage concluding this half-attempt at a happy post.  :)

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K. @ Life's an Adventure said...

WORD - it is definitely frustrating being a teacher in PA right now. This is not the most welcoming educational climate that we decided to join... hopefully we can weather the storm!

And, love your flowers! : )

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