Our Bedroom (for now)

Friday, June 27, 2014

So we finally have curtains hung in our master bedroom...  11 months after moving in, that is! And while we're at it, stuff is officially being put up on the walls & darn it if we have two matching side table lights as well.  It may have something to do with the fact that we had Nick's parents down to visit this past week, or the fact that we have lots of summer time on our hands, but regardless, here we are!  At long last, we have the makings of a master.  For now :)  Although this hand-me-down (free!!) furniture is awesome, I have other plans in mind for someday.  

Hope you enjoy snooping around a little bit.  Remember, it's a work in progress!  

Have to have the bedside candies for arriving guests... 

Right print made by me | Middle print found here | Far right print here

Who doesn't love fresh florals in the bedroom?  

If only it were a weekly occurrence :) 

Love this frame (found at Home Goods) & the picture from our spring break trip.  

Ring holder gifted by my sister in law.

Curtains: Home Goods | Rod: Target | Chair: Ikea | Pillows: old 

and viola, there you have it!  

Our ever-evolving master that has a lot of updating still in the works!  And don't worry, that bed has only been made maaaaaybe 10 times since we've lived here.  But it looks good for the pictures, am I right?

Happy weekend!

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Laura said...

It's lovely Christina! Love the neutral/blue color scheme :)

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