The Kabob

Monday, July 21, 2014

In my opinion, just about any meat/veggie is better grilled.  Does anyone else share this thought with me!?  Something about the smoky charred taste just does me in each and every time.  Not to mention when we grill, Nick takes the reigns so all I have to do is prep the meal while he cooks it!   

An easy fix to incorporate both meat & veggies on the grill is a la the kabob.  I'm already on the hunt for more combos (hello salmon/lemon & how you doin' avocado/chicken?!), but our most recent was a simple sirloin.

We took 2 6 oz. sirloins and cut them up into chunks.  Then, we let them marinade in Wegman's steakhouse peppercorn marinade overnight.  I chopped up some peppers & onions and we skewed them all together and -bam- had dinner ready to roll.  Except, the weather had other plans.  Poor Nick cooked our kabobs out in the middle of a 3 minute torrential downpour.  It was sunny, then the skies opened up and dumped water on him.  I felt awful, but he was a real trooper about it.  

They turned out delicious, and we most certainly have added them to the monthly grocery list!  

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