Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When Nick and I started dating, it was apparent he and I came from similar backgrounds.  Our families had alike values and our upbringings were (mostly) parallel.  I was amazed at how quickly he gelled with my family, and even more so vice versa.  It made the whole live happily ever after thing that much easier for us.  

As I get older, I especially appreciate the strong family ties that we have.  It's not always convenient, and it's not always easy, but family is #1 in both of our books.  Because of this, we decided to hop into a car, drive through the night to Nick's parents' house to spend a few hours with his brother & our nephew (in from Texas), only to return home within the same 24 hour span.  We don't have the luxury of seeing Nick's brother and our nephew all that often, so when opportunity presents itself, we try to take advantage of it. 

I'll let some of the pictures speak for themselves; but isn't this cutie such a ham???!!!

Although this visit was quick, we made every minute count.  We had RJ playing duck duck goose, getting tractor rides, (foam) sword fighting, playing hide-and-seek, having water gun fights, and enjoying birthday cake ice cream as it melted down his sweet face.  I was glad we were able to make the trip up and am eagerly counting down the days until we see these two again!

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