Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Well, incase the title didn't give you some insight as to what this post is about, let me recap for you a whirlwind of a weekend spent in Nashville, TN.  This my first time exploring music city and it did not disappoint.  I'm 99.9% sure I've convinced Nick to take a road trip with me sometime in the future to explore more of the city together.  However, on this trip no boys were allowed.  We spent a long weekend celebrating a girlfriend of mine as she counts down the days until she becomes Mrs. L.  To make things easiest, I'm going to break down the trip day-by-day.  As a sidenote, nothing in this post is sponsored; all of these opinions and experiences are genuinely recapped :)

Unfortunately I was unable to arrange to be in Tennessee for Thursday, but the girls who were able to head down early checked into our hotel (pretty sure we stayed at the Marriott Springhill Suites, but I wound up taking a cab from the airport to the wrong hotel initially so I'm still not 100% sure haha) and spent the day enjoying hot chicken, cold drinks, and the craziness that is Broadway.  

brunch - FROTHY MONKEY - I had the California (delicious!)
dinner - THE SOUTHERN STEAK & OYSTER - I had hot chicken salad (AHH-MAZING) & Moscow mules, but also tasted the chicken fried chicken and almost ordered a 2nd dinner it was that good.  

Daylonging at Tootsies (our favorite Broadway hotspot) 
Nighttime at Tequila Cowboy & Honky Tonk 
[There weren't any covers at any of the bars and it was awesome to hear the different bands perform live music on each floor of the bars.  However, I found it super odd at first that the bands came into the crowd soliciting for tips and a song request would cost a whopping $20, but soon realized they don't get "booked" to play at the bars.  Rather, they needed the tips to make a living!]

lunch - PUCKETT'S - I had pork bbq with sweet potato fries
dinner - ROCK BOTTOM'S ROOFTOP - we did a sampling of their asiago artichoke & crab dip, their brewery nachos, and their margarita pizza 

Daylonging at Coyote Ugly & Tootsies 
Nighttime at PEDAL TAVERN, Swinging Doors, Bootleggers, and some side street off of Broadway having an impromptu dance party.  
[Coyote Ugly was a little "slow" when we arrived, but we made our time there VERY worthwhile.  Our bachelorette was taking shots while crawling across the bar, dancing on the bar, and having a great time.  It was incredibly hot while we were in Nash and we shared our stay with 25,000 beach body coaches, so it made for an interesting twist.  We had booked out a pedal tavern for the 9 of us girls for Saturday evening, but unbeknownst to us it seats 16 and if you don't pedal, you don't move.  Not to mention, Nashville isn't exactly flat and 90+ degree temperatures aren't fun for pedaling.  Fortunately we made friends with a bachelor party from Chicago who were willing to join us and do all the hard work for a cold beer and a free tavern tour!!!  It ended up being a huge hit/highlight of our trip!!!]  

We were so depressed the weekend was over, but were happy to be returning to our respective homes/boys.  We packed our bags, got on our planes, and relived our adventures via pictures and stories for hours.  It has been unanimously decided that we all had a great time and that the wedding will be a great reunion!!  
I am so excited that I bit the bullet and went out to Nash (I was reluctant at first because of cost), and seriously had the best time.  Like I said, there's still so much to explore so I'm guessing we'll be back :-)  In the meantime, I think Nick and I are in the market for another adventure sometime soon to celebrate our 2nd anniversary (it was yesterday!!).  Any suggestions for the city of... BOSTON??  

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