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Monday, July 04, 2011

I have had the pleasure of spending the last two days with my boyfriend's family as we celebrated his godson's Christening.  This is my first stab at being an aunt (and really my only hope for quite awhile with younger siblings) and I have truly enjoyed watching and observing RJ's every move.  I think being an aunt suits me and I certainly know Nick loves being godfather already!

The reason why I am chuckling as I write this; however, is because I have seen grown adults reduced to mere mush when it comes to Argie Pants (RJs new nickname).  We politely find ourselves fighting over who will hold him next (and count to the minute how long the previous person had him compared to our turn) and try to make him giggle and laugh when he's in our arms.  If he happens to cry when you get him, watch out - you're out of the running for the next go-around and you will never live it down.  

The faces, sounds, and movements we make is just ridiculous and poor RJ sits there and smiles at us ever-lovingly even though he must be thinking just how crazy we all look!  The goo-goos and gagas, in addition to the silly faces somehow come natural the minute a little baby is brought into the room.  Nick's cousin found herself grinding her teeth with excitement as she held RJ and we all laughed because the truth is, we all find ourselves grinding our teeth when we hold him.  Heaven forbid we do something to make him giggle, for once that happens, we continue to do it more theatrically the second and third time.  We find ourselves mimicking his faces and when he squeals or makes any sort of noise, we just think it's just so darn cute that we, too, must make the same noise.  Not once.  Not twice.  But until we get a concerned look from a bystander.  

The funniest part is, if RJ saw what we do to him now ten years from now, he'd think we were all crazy. It's too easy to love him and snap 300 pictures of him on your phone (many of which have made their way onto facebook already), and want to do everything in your power to please him.  This kid has us all figured out to a tee.  He makes a peep, and we come running.  What a life :)

I have to say, though, I am a total victim of Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga-Grinding-Around-A-Cute-Baby syndrome.  I cannot wait to spoil the pants off of Argie and am already pushing for a little brother or sister to come along here soon!!!

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