Honkable Moments

Sunday, November 06, 2011

After getting Nick's new Jeep Patriot, he has discovered a new fondness for everything from the fancy gadgets to the car's horn.  It might sound a little ridiculous, but nothing is worse than when you're trying to honk at someone and an awful meeep meeep noise comes out.  So, fortunately, Nick is now equipped with a manly, powerful horn.  Living in a suburban area full of big-city influence and bad drivers, it is very important to have a useful horn that you're not afraid or embarrassed to use.  I happen to be a bit less prudent with the horn; however, we have come up with a list of the most important honkable moments:

  1. When the red light finally turns green after 5 minutes of waiting, and the person in front of you is too busy brushing their hair or texting to realize this... only to result in his car being allowed to make it through the light
  2. When you get cut off (on the highways, byways, side streets, and back roads)
  3. When sitting in your apartment and notice a group of people walking past your car (a little childish, but it is rather funny to see the reaction)
  4. When leaving someone's house after a visit (we have a 2-honk-rule at our house; beeping the horn twice upon departure is noted as a sign as "love you, miss you, we're safely on our way")
  5. When you pass a sign that says "Honk if you ________________" (unless you don't ______________.)
  6. When people cut you off by jay-walking out of nowhere (nothing is worse than the feeling of oh my gosh, what if!? especially when that what if involves another human being)
  7. When you're leaving a tailgate, party, game, etc., and your team just won - especially if it's in a big way
  8. As a means to expel excess frustration on the highway when there has obviously been some form of an accident, leaving you stuck in a parked car for an hour
  9. As a means to alert the person you're picking up that you're too lazy to get out of the car and tell them that you have arrived
  10. As a means to alert your friend that you have just driven past them and saw them; regardless of the fact that they likely did not see you, nor did they realize they were the ones being honked at, and had they realized they would be utterly confused because they had not done something honk worthy.

Consider this list the next time you go out for a drive... but keep in mind that some of these honkable moments aren't necessarily legal honkable moments.  Even if you do have a new Jeep Patriot with an incredible manly horn.  Falling back & falling out :)

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