It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

As the title suggests, we have (finally) begun to decorate for Christmas!!!  This is one of the happiest and best times of the year.  After spending a week with Nick's family, we've made our way back home.  Regardless of the 6 hour drive (that should have been closer to 4), Nick was kind enough to help me maneuver furniture, unpack Christmas decorations, re-pack fall decorations, move the tree until I found the perfect spot, and add a few nails here & there to adorn our walls with more decor.  What a lucky girl I am.  Here are some iPhone pictures (better quality than my Blackberry, but never comparable to that of a real camera) to share.

Our Tree (FULL of snowmen!)

Our Advent Wreath... Might need a little sprucing - perhaps to resemble the one here?

Nick found a way to hang my snowflakes for me - to bring snow to where we live :)

My favorite pre-move steal (the vase) - and the newly modified floral arrangement (cheap cheap cheap decor from Hobby Lobby, Wal*Mart, & Target!)

With that, my holiday to-do list continues:
-Decorate.... check!
-Send out Christmas cards.... in progress!
-Bake sugar cookies & cupcakes for Nick & my co-workers/students
-Begin/continue/finish Christmas shopping
-Make official Christmas vacation plans
-Pinterest more fun crafts and ideas

Merry Merry :)

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