Top 10 Ways to Make Your Morning Start Smoother

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being a teacher, I always feel like I need to be on my toes.  To ensure I am "my best" version of me, I try to start my day off on the right foot.  Here are 10 things that I have come up with that have truly made a difference in my life, and perhaps might in yours.

1.  Shower at night
I LOVE the idea of showering at night.  I understand that for some people, showering wakes them up, but I am the type of person that prefers to sleep in a little extra in the morning.  By showering the night before, you avoid your hair from not drying the right way, can take more time to actually "style" it, and build in an extra 10-20 minutes easily to sleep or get ready.

2. Wake up earlier than you need to - starting day 1
If you set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than you need to beginning the first day of a new job, you never have to worry about over sleeping.  This also allows for some leeway in the event you begin to feel ill and need some extra time to rest in the morning/evening.  You're also ready to begin your day at the drop of a hat incase life throws you some sort of curve ball meeting/engagement.

3. Preset your coffee pot and have a to-go mug on hand right next to the pot
Again, a MAJOR time saver!!  It also allows the avid coffee connoisseur to consume a cup prior to leaving, as well as have one ready to-go once you're out the door.  If you're like me (a 1-cup-gal), it gives my coffee time to cool while I get ready so I don't burn my tongue.

4. Pre-pack your lunch
...Noticing a trend?  I'm huge on saving time, and you are almost guaranteed to have a healthier, more balanced lunch if you prepare it the night before.  This also prevents the temptation to order lunch or eat out during the work day.

5. Lay out 1-2 clothing options the night before
If you're indecisive like me, it's important to have options.  Prearranging outfits avoids the frenzy of the morning; pre-ironing and pairing also helps to avoid time loss.

6. Get a good night sleep; no matter what
You might be a busy little bee, but there is no excuse to not take care of yourself.  Amongst eating well, exercising, and keeping up morale, getting a good night sleep is vital.  Regardless of what is going on in your life, it is never so overwhelming or so urgent to where you can't finish it the next day.  And referring back to #2; if you wake up earlier than you need to starting day 1, this will give you the extra time you need to finish your task(s).

7. Invest in a good dry shampoo, and don't be afraid to use it
A true lifesaver.  In the event that you choose not to, or do not have enough time, a dry shampoo can work wonders and cut personal prep time in half.  I happen to have Tresemme's dry shampoo on hand just incase!

8. Check the weather the night before
Nothing is worse than walking out the door to pouring down rain without an umbrella, excessively cold temperatures in a dress and sandals, or wearing a winter coat when it's 65* outside.  This can throw my day off in a heartbeat; usually the unexpected rainy days are the ones accompanied by too many things juggled in my hands, things forgotten, and a sense of frazzlement (a new word I've invented).

9. Sleep with a bottle/glass of water next to you 
It is SO important to stay hydrated.  Another way to avoid catching a quick cold or a debilitating flu is to stay hydrated at all times.  This includes drinking enough fluids not only for your metabolism, but for your complexion and well being as well.  It's also a great way to start the day; very refreshing.

10. Find a good station and/or preset a playlist on your iPod to start your morning off
The easiest way to get pumped up and in a good mood for the day is starting off "on the right beat."  I have found a great morning talk show that always gets me laughing, and on the days that I miss it I'm so bummed!  I also have a few varieties of music preset on my iPod (varying from relaxing Michael Buble and Adele tunes to poppy pump-me-ups) as a back up.

What are your tricks to having a smooth start to your mornings?  Do you already do some (or all) of these?  =)

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