Little Changes Making the Biggest Differences

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lately a few things in the apartment have been bugging me.  We've now been settled here for over 4 months, and I'm onto a new set of to-dos from added decor to organization and simplification.  Within the last couple days Nick & I have done minimal modifications that have made the world of a difference.  

Mini-Project #1:
In our kitchen we have a desk area for added counter space and storage.  Being that the other counter space is limited, we hardly use this area to do "work."  However, being right next to the trashcan it can get full of clutter with old advertisements, recyclables, etc.  (This is after an intensive cleaning session):

 Seeing all of the clutter gather under the "desk" has been driving me crazy lately - with Christmas packages being shipped to our apartment, with an influx of baking, and all the other usual 'things,' under-the-desk has become a continuation of the trashcan.

I decided today was the day to change this.  Nick & I turned apartment upside-down, cleaned like crazy people, and took a Wal-Mart run.  Without any sewing or stress, we got an extension rod and two mini-panels:

I was so excited to see the turn-out that I didn't even take the time to iron them (yet):

And just like that, problem solved.  It's not realistic to assume this will always be a clean area, but now we have a nice and tidy fix to conceal the added clutter.

Mini-Project #2
Our spare bathroom has more of a crisp and masculine feel to it, which is perfect for company.  However, we had a large (empty) wall that was very distracting upon entering the bathroom.

I went through some of my extra decorations that weren't being used and remembered I had these pictures/frames.  I had purchased a panoramic poster and cut it into three portions and framed them in cheap, $5.00 frames from Wal-Mart (back when I lived at home).  I think they added just the right touch:

I also re-ordered the towels and moved a little bathroom book (Quotable Teacher) and am much happier with the result!  The best part is, this one didn't cost any money - I was able to use things I had in storage that otherwise would have just been collecting dust.

Mini-Project #3:
I cannot express how much I love Nick, nor can I express how much he does for me and others daily.  However, I felt it was my "home-maker" duty to organize his end table and surrounding area from the clutter that inevitably builds up after a long week of work:

It was honestly no issue to him, but was beginning to drive me nuts!  (Even this picture is before the official organization, but after I tidied it up for the picture - I didn't want to leave it as is)

While picking up our curtain and extension rod for the kitchen, I came across these baskets that came in a set of 2 little ones and 1 big one.  Nick was concerned about being limited on space, so I gave him the two little ones to fill however he so chooses.  He was also unhappy about the bows on the baskets, so with a quick turn-around, they look as masculine as baskets can (and I have another one for storage of my things now!): 

It's amazing how the littlest things can make the biggest of differences.  I'm still in the continuing process of modifying and changing things around and have a few other ideas in mind!  As the changes continue to come together, I become more and more proud of where we've found ourselves and all the things we've accomplished!  

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