Ornament Memories

Saturday, December 10, 2011

We're still busy decking the halls in our household and cannot believe that in a few minutes, there will only be 14 days left until Christmas!  That's only 2 weeks - where is the time going?!  From when we initially began decorating for Christmas, nothing major has changed, but I took a few minutes tonight to admire some of the memories we've made in 2011, and reminisced on others made in years past.  I was inspired by an old friends' post on her Christmas tree memories, and agree that a great way to recall special memories is through ornaments.  Some of my favorite stories are behind these ornaments (although the others on the tree are quite meaningful as well!!)

I've also managed to accomplish more of my holiday to-do list:
-Send out Christmas cards...Check!
-Bake sugar cookies & other goods for friends & co-workers...Check!
-Christmas shop...Still in-progress but so far very excited for what we've gotten for others
-Make official Christmas vacation plans...Check!  Found a way to split the Holidays among family and friends, and still have time for just us together at our "home"
-Pinterest more crafts ideas...Still in progress!  I didn't get any pictures, but I found a Santa hat "recipe" and modified it by using oreos, strawberries, and whipped cream.  Cut off the tops of the strawberries & place upside down on the oreos w/ whipped cream for the lining of the hat and viola!  I'm also working on decorating our boring navy blue & cream stockings for the remainder of this year and years to come, and am hopefully going to come up with a couple other mini-ideas!


Laura said...

Thanks for the shoutout to my blog! :) I love all your ornaments. I'm sure you get a ton as a teacher. And good for you on the Christmas shopping! I still have a good amount to get done...

C.Ro. said...

Absolutely - I LOVE your blog and when I saw the post with your tree and ornaments I was inspired :) Can't wait to see what else you come up with always very useful, crafty, and innovative!!!

resham said...

lovely...we had been to so many places...but never picked holiday ornaments from there...I now regret them... I wish I had done!!


C.Ro. said...

You can always start now :) No time like the present (and no pun, intended!)

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