Meal Planning Thursday

Thursday, January 19, 2012

To catch myself up, I'm going to post again today.  Sorry for anyone reading who might not be all that impressed with my dinners this week!!  I'm no Betty Crocker, but we've made it to 4 days, people!  We did fall back to our chicken, but spiced it up into little burrito/fajita wrap things.  Soups, burritos, stews, and stir fries are the best way to take leftovers and turn them into something better than they already were - also a good way to get rid of things that may be on the outs already... Take leftover meat, tomatoes, and veggies, and grab some salsa, cheese, sour cream, olives, refried beans (basically ANYTHING) and throw it together.  I know I said this week I'd do my pasta, peas, & cheese and pot roast, but these seemed more appealing at the time!  Those will make an appearance sooner or later, don't you worry :)

Although I never order the burrito, 
I've been to Qdoba enough to master the wrap!

Added a little hot sauce for some extra kick
So good - Trust me!

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