Meal Planning Wednesday

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wow!  Three nights in a row without defaulting to pasta, chicken, or going out!  I'm impressed - this is a huge feat for us since we usual like to keep it very close to our Italian roots during dinner.  Wednesday night wasn't much to speak of, but when you spend a little extra one night, you have to cut back during others.  We enjoyed a cozy and comforting dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheesy bread.  Nothing too special; but with the usual suspects (salt, pepper, cheese, and hot pepper flakes), and with a bit of fresh  basil (all about it this week) - yum!

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Laura said...

That is one of our favorite meals!! Our favorite tomato soup is the Progresso Tomato Basil. Adding in the fresh basil sounds delicious!

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