Lifestyle Makeover: What's In My Refrigerator

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

With a lifestyle makeover must come a refrigerator make over...  After years of loving cheeses, carbohydrates, and flavored drinks (not to mention alcohol, junk food, and other fatty substances) my refrigerator has become a safe haven for my body, metabolism, mind, and health.  I'm not saying any of this has been easy, but it all has [and will be] worth it.  

Water - TONS of water.  The remains of a crystal light tea in the back left are for/from Nick.  Remember that although he is very supportive, Nick has been responsible with his eating and doesn't have to re-structure his diet quite like I do.

Fruit - Berries, apples, citrus, grapes; all great fruit options for someone beginning a diet.  The pineapple chunks are again Nick's, as pineapple and melons are two examples of fruits that contain much higher sugar counts and aren't recommended while beginning a body flush.

Vegetables - carrots, celery, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, artichokes, asparagus, garlic (to mention a few), and continually adding more (and training my taste buds to enjoy them - again, not necessarily "easy" but totally worth it)

Probiotics - Kiefer, low sugar yogurt, Greek yogurt, Fiber one cottage cheese 

Lean meats/proteins - 99% fat free turkey slices, grilled chicken, marinated chicken preparing for grilling, and egg whites

I've pre packaged the fruits, veggies, and salads into individual containers to make them easily accessible for our on-the-go lifestyle (even used the pre-packaged peppers and carrots while traveling to-and-from Penn State during a car trip), and as stated before, it's making the world of a difference.  It's taking some time to clean, cut, and prep our healthy meals in advance, but it's going to pay off.  I just know it!

Just to leave you with some food for thought [had to!], always remember during your journey, 

n o t h i n g tastes as good as skinny feels


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