Lifestyle Makeover: Mental Block

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


With a total passion.  

I hate being hot, I hate being sweaty, I hate being uncomfortable, I hate heavy breathing, I hate feeling insufficient compared to others and to me, working out is the product of adding all these things up.  I'll admit that it's a super-crazy mind block that I have totally created as a means to avoid working out, but I have yet to find a workout that I "enjoy."  I can't wrap my mind around how people actually do it for a living and really don't believe the nonsense I hear about people doing it for "fun."  I digress,

-I don't see anything fun about sweat.  It totally grosses me out.  
-I don't see anything "relieving" about running; I have never experienced a "runners high" because every time I convince myself I'm going to push through, I end up with a pounding headache.
-I totally think my heavy breathing is freaky.  If I weren't me and were working out in the same room as me, I'd probably leave and come back when I wasn't there.  That bad.
-As a caveat of the last statement, I really wish I could lock the doors to the gym and put a "come back later" sign on the door because nothing is worse to me than working out next to Joe Buff when I'm dying on a level 1 incline on the treadmill (okay, you're right, it's more like level 2 - thanks for that support)
-And most of all, I get SO ridiculously bored when I'm working out it's not fair.  If I listen to music, I find myself timing how long each song is and comparing it to how much longer I have allotted to do said machine.  If I watch a TV show all is well...  until the commercials strike (longest few minutes EVER).  If I try to zone out I think about how I'm trying to stop thinking and it becomes this ridiculous cycle of misery.

With that, how am I ever going to continue this lifestyle makeover with as much success as I've had in the past with this mantra?  The answer, my friends is, I won't.

Breath in a sigh of relief though; I'm not quitting.  Rather, I'm going to try my little heart out to at least overcome a few of these "dislikes," so that I can eventually hit "purchase" on one of these cutesy bikinis I have in my online shopping cart.  I think this is going to be the hardest part of my makeover.  The food part was hard during the shopping, but once you get home and your only options are chicken or a boca burger, and veggies or an apple, you kind of learn to deal.  This is different.  There are so many wonderful distractions that I can find myself running into on the way to the gym.  Heck, if I time it correctly, once I get to the gym I'm sure I can find a distraction...

But, I need to get back on this horse and go for it.  I totally dropped the ball and gave up on the walking/jogging/weightlifting once I had such great weight loss results simply from dieting.  I became a big ball of excuses again, and am going to become a big ball of yuck again if I don't get my butt in gear and work it out.  

With all that said, here's what I'm thinking...  I gotta get to.  Sorry for the vulgarity, but this motivation was found on Pinterest:

Simply put my friends, I need to get going.
No excuses.
See you next week (hopefully you'll be seeing even less of me by then?)


Anonymous said...

You got this GF!!!
Time your workouts with TV shows or listen to books on tape while you do your cardio (if its a good book, you'll really get absorbed into it!)
Also, do interval change the speed/incline more often so it goes by so much faster! And it has the best effect on your body!

remember...think about how far you've come, not how far you have to go!

love you!!!
- A.Ro

Bre said...

I just hopped over from Steph's blog to read about your journey. The following is going to sound like an advertisement, but I assure you, it's not. I enjoy sharing my awesome experiences with others who are trying to do the same things.

I love to share my experience with All of their workouts are under 20 minutes and you do them right in your living room. They are also 100% free. Don't be intimidated by the people leading the workouts on the videos, you can go at your own pace and modify things as needed. You also don't need the equipment they use as you can just use stuff you might have around the house.

It's really rewarding to see how much stronger you get over time and if you are keeping track of your reps for each workout, you can see your improvement. They are so motivating and helpful with clean eating tips and recipes. If you are thinking you don't want to be as muscular as the woman who is hosting the videos, know that everyone is different. I do think this will help with some of the hurdles you are experiencing with the traditional gym/workouts.

If you do end up giving it a shot, let me know what you think :)


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