Power Outage

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Surprise greetings from my parents house, y'all!    After all the excitement we had an home over the past 24ish hours, Nick & I decided to high-tail our sweaty buns down even further south {counterintuitive you might think}, and are now enjoying delicious AC, the power of a lightbulb, & even some HBO.  Saturday night party animals, I'll tell ya.

We did have wonderful plans to join friends of ours at a local winery for dinner tonight, but decided to postpone our double on account of an unexpected power outage in the area.  The power went out last night conveniently after my parents arrived at our apt, and conveniently on a record-breakingly hot Friday/Saturday combo.  No AC in 90+ degree weather {on the 3rd floor of a nice little apartment complex} doesn't look good on anyone; trust me.  So, even though my family is up in PA, we decided to drop in and pay home & miss Mia a visit.

All complaining aside, we had a great night with my family.  There's something to be said about everyone being "un-plugged" {on account of dead cell phone batteries and no cable tv}, and I loved the silly bonding we shared together.  We swapped stories, made bets on how long it would take for candles to burn out, and played an intense game of 20 questions.  We were really getting into it and were representing all different kingdoms phylums geneses and species.  Yeah, we're that good.

This morning, we decided against making a delicious spoiled eggs and warm fruit breakfast for the family {forgot to buy a generator for the unexpected storm, whoops} and traveled far and wide until we finally found a Bob Evan's with less than a days' wait for food.  There, we celebrated my Mom's birth {tomorrow's the big day - she turns 30!  okay, okay; 31.} and set up a plan for a new reality TV show.    

We were really sad to see them go, but love the silly & wonderful moments & memories we have together!!  Here are the few pictures we managed to get before losing battery power:

Peeing in a bathroom without power is quite an adventure
{oops, probably TMI?}

I instagramed a "shelf" picture the other day 
aaand now have to go get a new candle to fill the empty shelf space ;)

Got my mother a pretty floral card for her birthday
Love me some Papyrus

How sweet is my Mom - she brought me {us} pretty flowers since 
she couldn't enjoy them during her travels
Aren't the peonies gorg?!

Mamasita & I at Bob Evans {thanks for the picture, Mouse Fi!}
Doesn't she look P H E N O M E N A L & waaaaaayyyy too young to have
a 20-something-year-old daughter?!

Mia's not so upset about the weather, she likes company :)

Let's hope that by the time Nick & I venture back home, we'll have power!  Otherwise, how ever will I go back to school on Monday {hint, hint - don't work tooooo hard power company}

Stay cool, friends.  No, literally.

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