It's beginning to look a lot like... School time?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Set up classroom........... check(ish).
Attend TI Nspire conference.......... check.
Begin planning for lead class.............check.
Live in denial for the next week until inservices begin.............. check.

Conclusion:  summer is much too short.
Second conclusion: it is going to be a busy / hectic school year.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to meet the new crews, leave my impression on America's youth, and wake up at 6:30am only to be in bed by 9:30pm, but there's something to be said about this whole summer thing.  And with everyone (including myself) pining for fall weather & clothing, it's my own fault that it is now gracing us with it's presence.  Grass is always greener on the other side, no?  Just being honest here, come February when the 22nd snow storm of the winter has come through, we're all going to be thinking back to this day wondering how & why we ever wished it away.

Anyhow, in order to ease the pain of early waking hours and too many cups of coffee, I've begun to deck out my classroom to make it more cute & homey.  I have waited almost 2 years for my own room & am so grateful to finally have my own organized space for the kids :)

I had posted a picture of my pennant cut-outs the other day on Instagram, and have since used the cut-outs to deck out two of my currently bland bulletin boards.  Our colors are navy & green and Michael's was having a 6-for-$1 special on paper, so naturally I had to get a ton and come up with clever (and simple) uses for said paper.  I also bought cheap twine to make a banner-look on the boards.  

This honestly isn't my best work, but I think once more bulletin board paper comes in it'll look a lot better.  I can't tell if I want to use a navy, green, or white back drop, but with that and a potential coordinating border, I think my information bulletins will be shabby chic, no?

I also began to organize desks, and have set up the two back bulletins as well.  My walls are still very bland and need a ton of spice with posters & decor, but I do have my Pittsburgh Steelers & Penn State tributes ;)  Not to mention my wonderful organizational skills with my Martha Living labels to accompany my bins of markers, crayons, glue sticks, etc. (did I mention I teach high school?)  

There's a ton more to do, but with the help of my mans Nick-o, I'm certain that it'll look great in no time.  I'll just have to be money conscious / savvy to not invest too much into my classroom, rather than use that money for say... our wedding?  or even our future (un-scoped-out-yet) home?  yes.  that's that - I will not spend exuberant amounts of money on my classroom, I will not spend exuberant amounts of money on my classroom, I will not spend exuberant amounts of money on my classroom...

Stay tuned :)
[[ps, I'm considering a spending freeze... I might have 4 pairs of shoes coming in the mail from Target, a F21 order on it's way, and a just-placed Sephora shipment due here around Tuesday.  How do you all get through your freezes?  I need an intervention, people!!]]


Steph And Laura said...

You totally just had me singing out loud "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas" when I read this title!

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

high school? crazy girl! what do you teach?

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