Babe, You'll Have to Update the Blog!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

And update we shall.
So of course the day I had scheduled to post about our cornhole boards we got our bags & decals in the mail & Nick got a fire under his tukus and finished those suckers as quickly as 1-2-3.  (yes, I said tukus)

He was so proud of himself & the boards that he said, "babe, you'll have to update this on the blog!" and even posed for a photo and gave me permission to post said photo on le blog.  I think he'll convert sooner or later - we're already half there ;)

So anyhow, on this beautiful Saturday I hope you're enjoying life as much as we are - we're already up & attem and will be cornholing & rooting on our beloved Nittany Lions in their season home-opener all day (weekend) long!!  

...WE ARE!

catch more of this handsome man & why I love him oh-so-much tomorrow.
Happy Weekending to you & yours!


Kasey said...

oooh I LOVE corn hole, those did turn out really great! Happy weekend to you guys :)

JKT said...

Hahaha love that he told you that you needed to update the blog- adorable :)

Kait said...

The boards look amazing! As for the PSU performance today...I'm still shaking my head. And Dane loves when i feature him on the blog so I can relate!

Rachel said...

Ahh, that's so cute that he told you that the blog had to be updated! That's when you can really tell that they've gotten behind the whole blogging endeavor!

Cocalores said...

So fun to have a man who actually wants his projects to be on the blog, too =) Good thing you're marrying him!

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