A Day in the Life Of....

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's get a little stalkerish friendly, shall we?
Today I give you
A day in the life of Christina: M-Th edition

6:20 am - first alarm goes off [snooze]
6:25 am - second alarm goes off [snooze x2]
6:30 am - third & final alarm... time to wake up
6:30-6:50 am - the magic happens [groom, dress, eat, leave]

7:05 am - pull in / open up my door to kick start the day

7:40 am - 2:50 pm - La Escuela

3:05 pm - head out of school

3:20 pm - find myself mysteriously at Target trying on clothes [oopsies]

5:00 pm - gym [happening more often these days]

6:00 pm - no shower happy hour.  JK.  usually dinnertime / quality fiance time
7:00 - 10:00 pm - blog / lay out clothes / chores / relax / bed 

If you had fun with me today, then stay tuned for 

A day in the life of Christina: Fri/Sat edition & 
A day in the life of Christina: Sunday edition.

TGIT, friends!
psst - did you catch my mini messy post yesterday?  go see go see!


Katie said...

i'm impressed your getting ready is 20 minutes! and i love the target part. i went there yesterday after school. good thing it's not on my way home. but really isn't too far so that doesn't really help. :)

The Pink Growl said...

I love how you are standing on the toilet in the bathroom pic! hahaha

Maggie B. said...

It's impossible for me to go to target and not spend $200. Impossible. And, it takes me a whole hour to get up, ready myself & eat breakfast. And that's with Michael cooking me my breakfast. Every single day.

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