It's Monday Again...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Well hello there & happy Monday to all...!  I've noticed a few new faces around these parts and wanted to do a little "get to know me" post again to get you comfy & acquainted here :)  And in true "me" form, it's only natural that I list my weekend/get-to-know-me out for you...   

5 things I did this weekend:

1.  I went to a GYM.  You need to know here & now that me + gyms = frenemies. I might frequent a gym 5 times a year, and although I wish this weren't the case, the fact is, I don't do gyms.  I hate sweating & instead chose to eat healthily in an attempt at a lifestyle makeover, buttttt went 2x in the last couple days and may try to go again sometime this week.  I might hit my 5 times/year quota by March y'all!

2.  I played a mean game of Outburst.  So what if I'm a 20-something going on 80?  My ideal weekend doesn't mean going out to the clubs or bars until 2am, but rather involves being with good friends in a pair of yoga pants & a tshirt with a glass of wine and/or beer and lots of laughter.   

3.  I wrote this blog post.  Hi my name is Christina & I'm the worst "blogger" you'll ever meet.  Now that we got that out of the way, thank you for finally getting me to write a legit post, but don't get too used to it...  I enjoy this blog thing, but I'd be lying if I said I'm addicted or all into it like others are, and that's A-OK by me ;)

4.  I went grocery shopping.  Have to keep up with the (somewhat) healthy eating & the only way I can do this is by meal planning & prepping my refrigerator to only host the good stuff.  Unfortunately this means FroYo & wine (my vices) don't make the cut.  Booooooo. 

5.  I had fun fi time.  I can't wait to be married & really hope that investments in "us" now will help ensure us a lifelong marriage.  With the divorce rate increasing, & with people being so nonchalant, I hope to be an example of what dedication to someone is like for our (way way way) future children.  Our parents (both sets) did it for us, and I hope each and every day to make it to where they are now.  This means weekly date nights & constant reminders of my appreciation/love for him.  

5 things I should've done this weekend:

1.  Probably watch the news.  There are plenty of things that "most" people do daily that I do not, and this is one of them.  But heck, I showered and went to a gym, so we cannot be picky here.  

2.  Not post this picture to Instagram.  I was browsing on Nick's computer a couple weeks ago and came across some OLD pictures of us from when we started dating (ish).  One of which as taken on his photobooth app on his Mac...  of us "in" Paris.  I feel a tiny bit guilty for not being more open about this picture being fake, but it did give me a gigle or two

3.  Check off more things from the wedding to-do list.  So what if our wedding is 5 months out and I still have a million things to do?  There's always next weekend, right?  

4.  Won the lotto.  Well, a girl can dream, right?  And on my salary, I should always be trying to win the lotto...  I'd even be super generous & share, donate to charities, blah blah blah.  #justsaying 

5.  Get my craft on.  I have an upcoming baby shower to plan for my co-teacher & dear friend and these cutesy little crafts, games, and decor are NOT going to make themselves now, are they?  Let's just say when I finally figure out what it is I'm making, I'm sure it'll be Pinspired & thus blogged about.  

picture via

 There is something else that I did that I almost forgot to mention!  I linked up this here post with Samikins {weekend shenanigans} & Leeann {Monday morning gossip}.  Bada-bing-bada-boom.  

OUTIE 500.  BBL. 

why did I just write that?


Katie said...

that paris picture is funny. i was a little surprised you two went to paris but believed you! when the picture is that little you can trick people! :) and I'm right there with you with going on 80 and how i'd like to spend my weekends!

Brooke Houston said...

Hey, you're not the only grandma out there...We actually went to a friends house party this weekend, and I was completely worthless on Sunday... I do love game nights though!

Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

hey sounds like a great night to me! at least you're drinking comfortably! And you got me! I totally thought you went to Paris! ;)

Sami said...

I love this! I should join a gym like right away. WAH. That Insta picture made me laugh! You're so cute! Thanks for linking up as always pretty :)

Amie said...

thanks for sharing! I think it's awesome you have weekly date nights! My husband and I love to play board games, so we usually try to do one once a week instead of always watching TV.

Linny said...

I feel ya about staying in with yoga pants and a tshirt! so much more comfy! Have a great week!

Linny said...

I feel ya about staying in with yoga pants and a tshirt! so much more comfy! Have a great week!

Linny said...

I feel ya about staying in with yoga pants and a tshirt! so much more comfy! Have a great week!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

haha hilarious. I prefer staying in playing board games too. Hopefully you'll get your crafting on before the shower and OMG 5 months.... girl get on it! lol

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

So if you win the lotto be sure to send it my way. Deal? ;) I love that the Paris picture fooled people haha!

Sorry I'm so late on commenting. Thanks for linking up!!

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