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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Let's just talk a second about how

I saw it
I pinned it
and I did it.

again.  {cue music playing in the background ...Oops!  I did it again by our girl BS}

TWO WEEKS IN A ROW?!  What is happening here, you might ask?
And to that I answer, who the heck knows, but I dig it ;)
This week is another Valentine's Day inspired craft that was completed with the same lovely ladies who helped me accomplish this task last week.

You will need:
metallic acrylic paint
dish soap
clear packaging tape
some creative thinking
aaaand the printables/real instructions from the original pin found here

This easy peasy craft took all of 5 minutes to put together; however, closer to an hour to complete after waiting patiently for the paint to dry after each application.  We ended up with 3 applications per person, but if you'd like to do 4 as seen on "Pat and Lindsay" it may end up a little better (my "final result" picture is actually the 1st picture seen on this post but the picture closest to this paragraph is after only 1 application).  

I had fun coming up with creative ideas to write on the "lotto" and just couldn't wait until next week to give them to Nick...  So he's already got his tickets a little early and was excited for what he won.  Lucky guy, right?  Now before you scorn me for being the worst secret keeper in all the land, let me remind you that he proposed almost a year ago (2/9/12) soooo we figured we'd beat the rush and celebrate V-Day this weekend instead of next...  Making me just right in the timing scheme ;)  Happy unValentine's Day, friends!

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Katie said...

how creative! looks great!

Helene said...

oh this is just too cute girl! Love this idea!!

Katie said...

WOOOOO! You rocked it! This is adorable. end of story.

Thank you for linking up with us!

Brooke Houston said...

So cute, I love it! I want to try this for date nights!

Alisa Marie said...

What a cute idea - I love this!! I might have to steal this idea for my hubby on v-day!

Laura said...

Another adorable craft from Miss Christina!! Love this idea... quite possibly I might try it for V-day this year!

Sami said...

How cute are you?! Love that idea and I'm sure Nick did too! Ps. I need to get better at snapchat I'm still slacking :(

Stephanie said...

How precious are these!!?? I love stuff like this for Valentine's day! Go you...they look great! So glad you linked up with us today!

Britt said...

What a fun idea! Totally stealing this:)

Jennie said...

Such a good idea for a card!

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