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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hi, my name is Christina and I am an addict.  
{everybody say, "Hi Christina"}

I am addicted to Target.  
{try to hold back the gasps}

Their clothes, accessories, decor, and anything and everything in between.  
I can't stop.  I won't stop.  
This is my story.

I opened up my closet on a cold snowy day and decided to do some reorganization.  I put the dresses together (color coded of course), the pants together, the tops together (also color coded), the sweatshirts, shoes, scarves, belts, etc.  I then started noticing a tiny little trend: Target labels.  Everywhere.  Mossimo...  Merona... Xhilaration...  I couldn't escape them.  So I began counting & this is what I found:

50% of my cardigans are from Target
43% of my shoes are from Target
35% of my dresses are from Target
100% of my prescription medicines are from Target
(not to mention shirts, scarves, and other accessories that I didn't have the time to count out!)

evidence as seen in the last couple days worth of outfits:

boots + legings a la Target
{awkward lip bite + thumbs up a la... me}

cardigan +  scarf found at the big red
{and let's all pause to recognize my standing-on-the-toilet skills}

and even this beaut was found there
{on clearance, none the less...}

That little bullseye gets me every. single. time.  They are so damn clever with their dollar bins upon arrival which are then conveniently next to the women's accessories, clothes, & shoes...  Not to mention the seasonal stuff is always in the opposite back corner and in order to get there I have to pass the makeup, craft, and home goods aisles.

Touché, Target, touché.  

So I come to all of you ask: Do I need an intervention?! 
Do I need to kick the 'ole walk-into-Target-to-pick-up-your-$8-prescription-only-to-leave-$100-dollars-poorer-with-a-bunch-of-adorable-merchandise-habit...?

Or maybe just maybe this is "normal" enough for me to overlook...  

With your help, we can decide: do I Walk Away OR feel free to Tar-Jay?

{and Nick, your input will not be counted... hee hee}

let me know whatchu think!

Shanna, I'm counting on you & your link-up to help a sister out

*I was in no way compensated for this post, but if anyone from Target is reading, I'd be happy to get in touch & do some business ;)


Aimee said...

Ahh don't worry! I always say that basically Target has a $50 cover charge. Even if I go in for a box of tissues, I leave with a necklace, new lip gloss, and skirt for my daughter. You are not alone. And you are so spot-on with their marketing; they MAKE you walk past all the hot spots. But as far as I'm concerned, Target is a good vice to have. :)

Katie said...

i have no advice for you but I will join you in your addict group. I LOVE target. and I love how you stand on your toilet for pictures. :)

Jordan said...


^ I think you will appreciate this! And welcome to the dark side. I have zero advice as I am also a Tarjay addict.

Noel Marie said...

Ahh I am a target fanatic! And now they have groceries too? Are you kidding?? There is going to be no need for any other store on earth!!!

New follower, yay!!

noel @ highheeledmama.com

Brooke Houston said...

I have to do the same thing with my mirror. Maybe I should invest in a floor length one and buy it at TARGET! haha but yeah, I love target too. I wish their stuff fit me better though.

Sheila said...

Umm... I am a Target addict too! I will join your group! ;) I used to go almost twice a day every week. And never fails, I always come out spending more than I should. My husband finally told me I have to cut it down and now I hardly get to see a Target until we move into our new house then I'll be close to one! YAYAYAYA! :)

I love how you take your photos standing on the toilet!

Found your blog via Shanna Said So! :)

xo – Sheila
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Rachel @lifeasMrs said...

um no you should not give up.. Target will never give you up. think about that!

Brittany said...

I was just at target thirty minutes ago! I walked out with buying only eleven dollars worth of stuff. My roommates and I got to target together at least twice a week! We bought a sled for 3 dollars! I fully encourage your Target addiction, and I have been an addict for over 19 years (my entire existence)!

Alyssa @ Sugar, Spice, and a Dash of Advice said...

I think I should go to the same meetings you're going to! It's a problem!! I love how you are standing on the toilet, that's pure talent- I'd probably fall :)

Eliza :: Case Study said...

I am a huge Target addict! But I choose to remain that way - because while it dents my bank account in a bad way, it just makes my life so darn beautiful and that is something I can't say no to ;) So happy I came across your blog + found we have something in common right away. xoxo! eliza

Kacie said...

I love Target! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too. xo


Anonymous said...

What's the problem? Their products are largely good for the prices, and it's even better when they have clearance sales. :)

smk053078 said...

First of all, you standing on your toilet for these pictures made me LOVE you even more!! I am a Target addict, but I think Forever 21 is even worse for me. Half my closet is from there! Hey. at least it's not crazy expensive. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Shop on, sister!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

My name is Stephanie, and I am a Target Addict too.

At least it's nice stuff for not so much money?

Doing what I do best...rationalizing my addiction.

Kat said...

gah! we don't even have target where i am (toronto, canada)!!! how we live is beyond me.

Suzanne Bruce said...

I like the dress with the leggings.. super cute..

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