long weekend.

Monday, March 04, 2013

2013, you will be one for the books.
my brother's 13th birthday
my grandfather's 80th birthday
my father's promotion
my parents' 25th anniversary
my sister's 21st birthday
my other sister's high school graduation
that sister's 18th birthday
& our wedding
on tap, there is no doubt that this is one of the most memorable years in my family's life to date.  This weekend, we got to celebrate the first three on the list as a family and had a great time together.  It really puts life into perspective and makes me that much more thankful and grateful to be able to continually experience these special memories together.  

le recap:
Thursday night Nick & I celebrated our long weekend by attending the bowling league (couldn't miss that!), then headed dahn south to meet up with the crew.  I say dahn b/c it's what we would consider Pittsburghese and is only fitting with the family that we were with this weekend ;)

Friday began bright & early with hot coffee and dapper dress.  Friday marked the date that my brother turned 13.  The same date that my grandfather turned 80.  And the very same date that my dad got a very prestigious promotion at work.  To say Friday was a big day for my family was an understatement, and was celebrated as such.  We were SO proud of my dad & were lucky to be able to witness his ceremony then continued the day at a delicious Italian lunch.  

Appetizers galore, pasta, antipasta, calamari, shrimp, lobster, it was delicious.  But did not end there.  After eating enough food to last me an entire year, we proceeded to prep for an evening of family fun & chaos complete with even more food, fun & happiness.  It's always special to be together with the aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents and is treasured every single time.

We are a fun bunch I tell ya ;)  Exhausted, we kissed everyone goodbye and I think as a collective bunch (including the dog) were fast asleep in record time.

Saturday was another bright & early start and had the men & the women parting ways as the girls headed with me to go to my first dress fitting!!  Although I will not be sharing the gown any time before the wedding, I will say I LOVE it as much more than I did when I got it and was so pleased to see it come together with my flower girls & bridesmaid dresses :)  I just know it'll be so amazing & can't wait.  What wasn't so amazing; however, was the snugness & every calorie/ounce of pasta that I had been consuming staring me in the face.  DIET DIET DIET DIET until July 20th.  Like woah.  But my shoes were perfect & thus I will be keeping them:

Saturday ended with a light meal & family game night (what Saturday aren't Nick & I in playing games anymore?!), followed by a movie & bed.


Now I get to spend today in class all day (kind of actually starting to miss my students believe it or not!  But appreciative of another 4 day work week with them!), and continue the wedding planning/daily life-going that comes my way.  Joyyyyyy.  

Hope you all have a great Monday!  
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Katie said...

your wedding shoes are beautiful!! 2013 is such a big and busy year for your family!!!

Mree said...

Busy year for you!! Love your wedding shoes!! Congratulations!!


Shay said...

Love those shoes! Congrats to your dad- what a fun weekend and year you have to look forward to!

Amie said...

Yeah for your first dress fitting! I loved every single time I got to try my dress on, it just got me more excited for my wedding! And I'm glad you found your shoes too, very cute!

Jennie said...

Sounds like your going to be really busy! Have a great week!

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Wow that is quite the eventful weekend! your bank account must be hurting with all those gifts lol congrats to you dad :)

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