Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, April 15, 2013

Do you ever have one of those weekends where you feel extremely accomplished?  
This was one of those weekends for me...
It could have something to do with the millions of envelopes I addressed (yes, I'm exaggerating just a little), the grocery shopping we did, the gym time I put in, the bills I paid, and other to dos I checked off the list... or all the sleeping time I put in, the couch time I had, and all enjoyment I got out of the beautiful weather.  
We also got in an impromptu visit to Baltimore, but more on that tomorrow :)
Regardless, I felt accomplished.
Not to mention, my taxes have been done since February. BAM.

Here are a few snippets of my weekend:

I took a half day on my teacher work day Friday (all grades are in, YAY!), and drove down for dress fitting #2.  Although no one's getting any sneak peaks nor any clues, it was a MAJOR success.  I am in LOVE with my dress!  So much so, that all the traffic/detours I was stuck in (the location is an hour away from home) was quickly overlooked :)

The token toilet shots are ba-ack.  So is my go-to lazy day cotton dress & sock bun attire.  Thank you spring/summer for letting me get ready in 10 minutes flat & thank you cotton dresses for always being so reliable.  This get-up was not only spotted on Friday evening out to dinner w/ Nick, but then again Saturday while grocery shopping...  Is that awful?  Please say you wear the same thing twice in a row on occasion (I promise no one saw me do this...)

I cleaned up my left hand a bit - a fresh polish change & a cleaned ring make for a huge smile from ear to ear.  We're under 100 days until the wedding, but more on that later this week!!!

Been picking up fresh flowers every week in honor of spring (er.. summer?) temperatures finally gracing us :)  This weeks blooms: white hydrangeas.  

Was your weekend full of accomplishments, or super lazy?  
Either way, I hope it was wonderful!
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Katie said...

nice job getting so much done this weekend! love your cute dress and sock bun!

Kait said...

Love those fresh flowers!! We're using hydrangeas in the wedding so I'm a little bit partial ;) You look so fab in that dress!

The Pink Growl said...

your toilet shots are my fav! hahaha cute dress and love your springy nail color!

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