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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

After walking down the aisle, the rest of the day became a blur.  Everything flowed so naturally; there were no more nerves, there was no issue going through the "movements," and you couldn't pay me to stop smiling.  I was told countless times that I was the happiest bride some people had ever seen... I think it was their way of politely saying I looked like a lovestruck fool all day, but I'm okay with that.  Once the nerves subsided for good, I was ready to celebrate.

We left the church and took pictures with the wedding party back at my grandparents house while our guests enjoyed cocktail hour.  I can't speak to how the cocktail hour actually went, but I suppose that will be another surprise we'll unveil when we finally get our wedding video!  Once we arrived to the reception, we were introduced, prayed and ate, then kicked off the evening with two touching toasts, cake cutting, and the special dances.

Everything (in my biased opinion) was perfect.  People ranted and raved over the food, the cake was moist and delicious, and the decor was to die for.  What really set the night off; however, was the music.  Our band, The Wannabes, was bar none amazing.  They drove all the way from Scranton, PA to celebrate with us.  For us.  I couldn't believe how dedicated and excited they were to be a part of our night.  I'm not exaggerating when I tell you the dance floor was never empty.  It was never even sparse...  which says a lot when you have a whole room dedicated to home made cookies, candies, a photo booth, and coffee right next door... and when a good bit of your guests are in their 60's, 70's, and 80's...

I got to dance to The Twist with my grandpa, Blurred Lines with Nick's aunt, and even CCR's Alabama with Nick and all his guy friends.  The band learned this song as a special surprise since Nick and his friends play it at every tailgate they're at together and have it as sort of a special tradition amongst themselves.  They allowed my family to run the crazy long and insanely hilarious looking Italian Cake Dance and brought a lot of laughs out during the garter/bouquet toss.  They. were. the. bomb.

None of it, and I mean absolutely none of it would've been possible without my 4 wedding planners; my Mom, Dad, MIL, & FIL put together a party unlike anything I could've dreamed of.  It was the happiest and best night of my life.  A special thank you to each of you for your love and support; I am so gracious for the perfect night you put together for Nick & I!!! 

Enjoy the moments captured by Blythe of Blythe K Photography as I enjoy reliving the evening myself.  

Some of Nick's handsome groomsmen
Mustache kisses from Mom to Dad - how cute, no?!

Bella's (MOH) toast

Bob's (best man) toast 

Before we shoved cake in one anothers' faces :) 

Our first dance

Mother/Son dance

The tightest knit group of friends from NEPA - through thick & thin! 

Keeping the crowd going; you guys are amazing!

Some of my beautiful maids

Twisting with Grandpa

The boys

Many a conga line erupted! 

Blurred Lines!!

Love these happy candids! 

You're next, Zack! 

Twirling princesses 

Concluding the Cake Dance

Breaking it down with my birthday twin and dear friend, Kevin

Singing Alabama

And that's a wrap!

Okay, okay, twist my arm... I have one more post to go!  The traditions will be up next & will complete our wedding recap :)  Can't wait to share the special traditions we have in our family!!   

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The Pink Growl said...

Candids are always my fav from weddings! You look gorgeous! Love the lights under the table linens.

Laura said...

Love all of these! You do look SO happy!

Amie said...

How fun, thanks for sharing! I agree that the reception part is so much fun, even though it goes by super fast! That picture of you and your grandpa is priceless!

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