Low key weekending

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall, I love thee.  Especially when you bring mild temperatures, just enough rain to water our freshly planted grass, and all the fun festivities (i.e. spirit weeks, Halloween, and birthdays) I've grown to love.  

This weekend we enjoyed you oh-so-very-much.  We've come to be little travelers every weekend, and this one was no different.  We stayed local for dinner Friday night into Saturday, but traveled to Arlington to visit friends on Saturday into Sunday.  It's so pleasant that we are afforded the luxury of traveling; whether it be up the road or states (or countries) away.  Even though I love your crisp air and colorful leaves, I've been longing to do a bigger trip since we returned from our honeymoon and am 99.99% sure that a Hawaii trip for summer, 2014 is in the works.  So while you are welcome to stick around for a while, fall, afterwards I hope we hop right back into summertime mode.

In the meantime, here are some of the in-state treats we enjoyed this weekend:

Grilled cheese & tomato basil soup 

Pumpkin brews sipped outdoors

Freshly hung curtains (similar)

Pumpkin beer flight in Arlington (an awful lot of pumpkin brews were sipped it seems...  whoops!)

And the beginning of spirit week props and necessitates:

The days are as follows:
Today - zoo day (any guesses what the supplies above turned into for today??)
Tuesday - tacky tourist day
Wednesday - Jack & Jill (aka gender bender) day
Thursday - heroes day
Friday - school spirit day 

And yes, I am absolutely participating every single day.  Double yes that it is going to be good.


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Recently Roached said...

Love those curtains! :)
It's so hard to be pregnant during the fall. Pumpkin-flavored beer is my jam, man!

Have fun at the zoo! I guess flamingo ;)

lil desiqua said...

Low key weekends are the best- especially when they include pumpkin brews!

Stopping by from the linkup!

Nichole said...

Pumpkin beer flights?! This sounds quite awesome.

life as Mrs. said...

that grill cheese and soup looks amaze! and i'm guessing a flamingo too! pics pics!

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