You know you're getting old when...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

...You get invited to more Thirty One parties than you do house/frat parties

...10:00pm is the time you go to bed on a Friday night rather than the time you finally go out

...Wednesdays aren't classified as "hump day" (unless you teach a bunch of 15 year olds who constantly quote the camel commercial) or "wine Wednesday" but rather, "take out the recycling day"

...Date nights are at Wegmans prior to weekly grocery runs instead of out at a new bar/nightclub

...Your baby sister is the one sitting in the student section at a Penn State game while you're scrubbing your toilets at home

...Your birthday/Christmas wish list includes more and more home improvement items and less frivolous items 

...You finally enjoy furniture stores and quickly get on a first-name-basis with the people at Lowes

...You only get IDed half the time and wonder why your under-21-self ever worried about getting carded (you had a 50-50 shot at getting away with it!)

...You light candles and open the windows when at all possible to avoid paying crazy electric bills rather than living carelessly

...Your friends are posting IG/fb pictures of their engagement rings, weddings, and baby bumps more often than they post pictures of them going out at night


...Your hangover takes twice as long to recover from than it used to.

i.e. why I'm writing a "weekend update" from last weekend today.  Whoopsies, it happens.  

So this weekend we celebrated our birthdays by traveling up to happy valley to reunite with friends from across the globe (literally).  Homecoming + unexpected sunny weather = recipe for an amazing time.  Not to mention, I got to see my baby sisters aaaaand my long lost European bestie A.Ro who hopped in a car during her 1 month stint in the US of A and drove 5 hours to see me.  Amazing?

Ladies & gentlemen, Miss Amelia Rose - in the FLESH.  I peed a little when I saw her, just saying.

revisiting our 55 days at cafe plaque at Cafe 210 West in State College, PA
{you had to go to this bar for 55 days in a row leading up to graduation in order to get a t-shirt and your name on a plaque...  Even though I cheated a few times, we all made it!} 

happiness sandwich stacked 5 high 

tailgating with my seesters - and mildly jealous they can still call this place home.  

and last, but not least, saw my TRICIA at our favorite local spot, Rotelli.  We were roommates Sophomore - Senior years (by a complete mistake/random set up) and I couldn't have been happier it worked out the way it did.  These ladies are certainly counted among my blessings! 

with turning 25 on the horizon, I just want to either rewind or freeze time and just be forever young <3  

P{enn} S{tate}, I love U

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The Pink Growl said...

Turning 25? You're a baby still! but YES to all of these! Turning 29 this year has made me feel OLD as the hills!

Katie said...

if i stay up till 10 I'm proud of myself!

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