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Monday, December 16, 2013

I can't say as that I was overly impressed with (or that I made it through) the live performance of The Sound of Music, but something about my kraft paper wrapping can't stop me from singing, "brown paper packages tied up in string, these are a few of my favorite things..." on repeat.  Carrie has a good voice and all, but Julie will always have my sound-of-music-loving heart.  But I digress.

So completely checked off the Christmas list are as follows: 

1.  Nick (see grey Thursday shopping); except for stocking stuffers
2.  My mom 
3.  My 2 sisters
4.  Our nephew, RJ

aaaand still to go: my brother, my Dad, and my in-laws.  I've had a trying time this year coming up with different gift ideas and have been thoroughly stumped with a few of my relatives.  However, when I finally figure out what it is that I want to purchase I'm overjoyed and have to tie it up in the prettiest of packages.  My style is evolving (and I am no Martha Stewart), but my must-haves for wrapping have included varying colors of twine, washi tapes, and kraft papers.  

Here are a few of my favorite packages thus far:

Style 1: kraft paper, gold (Target $1 aisle) letter stickers, & multiple colors/varieties of twine

Style 2: kraft paper, pencil for doodling the initial/monogram, hot glue gun, & string

And lastly, style three: kraft paper, twine, & washi tape flags 

I hope my recipients love the wrapping as much as I do, and especially hope they love what's inside!  What's your wrapping style this year?  

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Kait said...

Holy pretty wrapping! Come wrap my packages too!! :)

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