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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Maybe I missed a memo somewhere along the way, but this year more than ever "tacky Christmas" attire seems to be making a killing, am I right?!  It used to be a simple trip to Goodwill or through great grandma's closet and you'd have just what you needed to win "worst dressed" at the themed party; however, anymore you can find tacky anything almost anywhere.  And thanks to Pinterest, people are getting tackier and tackier making Grandma's sweater look almost normal.  Almost.

We are attending our second sweater party Friday, and I finally decided we needed to make a little investment.  Last year I borrowed a sweater from a friend, but this year I decided we needed to make this a little more permanent.  Rather than spend $25+ per person on a Target sweater, or wear someone's used Goodwill donation, I decided to take the task into my own hands and DIY some goodness.  The total cost for both of our sweatshirts: $15 (ish). HOLLA at that.

Here's a little preview before we get to the nitty gritty:


You will need:
2 old sweaters/sweatshirts (I got 2 new ones at Walmart for $5 a piece!)
Red, green, & white felt (practically free with a teacher's discount at Michaels)
Hot glue gun (had it) 
Glitter, puffy paint, etc. to add some extra flair (less than $5 total) 

To do:  
1.  Convince your husband to wear one of these ugly sweat shirts (the hardest part, I promise)
2.  Cut out your felt pieces for the slogan(s) you chose 
3.  Hot glue the felt pieces onto your sweatshirt
4.  Decorate
5.  Patiently await your party
6.  Have a spiked eggnog or two so you don't feel like a total fool for actually making/wearing them :)  

Mine is on the left, and Nick's is on the right.  I have a feeling we'll be getting a few funny looks with these ones: 

Hahahaha, I simply cannot get over how ridiculous my elf turned out on Nick's sweatshirt.  I'll be wearing gold chains with mine (you could use pipe cleaners to make a gold chain if need be), and Nick will probably be wearing a frown face because I'm really making him go through with it.  At least we'll have fun cookies to coordinate with the theme (we made these last Friday at a cookie party I attended):

It's going to be a hoot.  Any creative ugly sweater ideas to share??  

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Laura said...

Christina, these are SO cute! I might steal this idea next year!

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