Asterisks weekend

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Here are some snapshots of life lately (I've had a couple extra minutes on my hands with a few extra days off from school).  We called it "asterisks weekend" because we strayed a little from our diet/exercise regimen, but we're back on track today!  

1.  Anker portable cell phone charger.  Yes, yes, and so much more yes to this.  My mom saw something similar I had pinned awhile back, did some research, and slipped this guy into my stocking this past Christmas.  I love the convenience of never having to worry about my phone dying anymore.
2.  A quick snapshot of Nick & I in our new kitchen eating nook on Sunday after church (more to come on the updates later).
3.  Sunday funday in Arlington... complete with old school Miller Lite cans...
4.  And JENGA!  (plus playoff games, cards, and friends).  

5.  You can read here as to why this bad boy had to be purchased.  And yes, I am still sore/in pain.  Advil, ice, rest, repeat.
6.  You may also have seen on my instagram that Nick & I had a little mimosa party yesterday on our day off.  If not, click that little link above & hit "follow" :)   
7.  We enjoyed Captain Phillips & our yummy orange/champs concoction very much!  
8.  We also enjoyed those gummies...  When you have gummy bears, you channel your inner Laura from B&B and arrange them in rainbow order.  They taste better that way, I promise.  

9.  Per my tailbone incident, Nick was sweet enough to find/concoct a reusable ice mixture that molds to whatever shape it is placed on.
10.  Combine 1 cup of rubbing alcohol with 2 cups of water & freeze.  After about 1-2 hours it'll be ready to use & reuse!  
11.  If that fails (and if you have a snowstorm) you can always retort to using the freshly fallen snow to ice your buns.  Thanks, Nick.
12.  After icing your buns per your husband's suggestion, you leave him little love notes in the snow.  

Today we might try to get to the gym, perhaps do some grocery shopping, and just maaaaybe play in the snow.  But for now, we continue to watch Dexter (up to season 8), and contemplate our next TV series!  What have you been up to?

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