Quinoa Fried Rice

Friday, February 14, 2014

YOU GUYS...  I made a recipe last night with quinoa in it that Nick actually liked!  This is major news considering he has a very particular palate and doesn't usually like to branch out.  He's been more willing to try new things, but is reluctant to try something that his only point of reference on is a Bud Light commercial.  However, when he asks me when I can make it again, that's when I know we've stumbled upon a winner :)

I give you, Quinoa Fried Rice (original recipe found here)
First step: gather together all necessary ingredients to make it all happen.  

Second step: take pictures of said ingredients so you feel like a legitimate little blogger.  

Step three: spill quinoa everywhere.  

Step four: as Nick comes to the rescue to clean the spilled quinoa, ask him to wait so you can snap a few pictures of the debacle (to show just how much of a feat even the simplest recipe tasks can be for me)!  

Step five: prepare the recipe as stated in the original post and add a little wine on the side.  Always add wine.  

Step six: enjoy!!!!!  (We added shrimp to our recipe and may consider scallops, beef, or sesame ginger marinated chicken in the future).  

Bon App├ętit!  
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life as Mrs. said...

trying this! and girrrll adding your lil button to my lil blog ;) I gotta new one too ;)

Laura said...

this looks so good! definitely going to try it.

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