Longing for summertime

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dear Winter,

I have to admit, you sure got me good this year.  When the predictions in the farmer's almanac or whatever anticipated a "difficult winter" I laughed and thought, "yeah, if you call 2 inches of snow all winter difficult."  It is VIRGINIA we are talking about here, so forgive me if I was too ambitious in thinking that we'd be juuuust fine.

Also forgive me for thinking you wouldn't last that long.  I used to go to Penn State in which the winter starts mid-October and ends the end of April (sometimes early May).  So when we both got jobs in VA I was extra happy because you don't tend to stick around that long here.  Sure, sure, a little "cold" in January, a brief dusting or two in February, and maybe an icy day in March, but that's about it.

This year, winter, I was so wrong.

I know people who went days with subzero temperatures before the windchill.  I saw my breath more times this winter than I have the last 3 combined.  We had days off due to the cold.  THE COLD.  Oh, and speaking of that, you're really cute using all of our snow days up.  And adding on a bit here and there.  We've used 12 days, by the way.  Twelve.

You know what that means, winter?  It means that I'll be teaching this year's kids straight through August or something...  they haven't even figured it all out yet because you keep throwing our happy little winterless state for a loop.  We don't know how to handle more than an inch or two of snow here; throw ice and sleet and stuff into it and we're in for trouble.  

I'm really hoping to strike a compromise here, winter.  I was thinking you'd cool your jets after our most recent storm that included 9 inches of snow, followed by sleet, followed by another half an inch of snow, followed by icky rain for the rest of this season.  Maybe come Christmastime, 2014 you could grace us with your blankets of white snow again, but for now let's just throw in the towel.  

Basically what I'm trying to say is, go away.  Enough is enough.  

Longing for summertime
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