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Friday, August 14, 2015

A lot of people like to pop into their blog and do a "currently" post on there whereabouts...  However, "currently" for me can be a relative term as I have had a lot of time on my hands this summer.  Admittedly, I have rushed through my fair share of books, recipes, and have even binge watched a series (or two or three).  So keep in mind, my currently covers June-present mmmmkay?

WATCH - Game of Thrones, Entourage, Sopranos 

LEARN - Ins & outs of basic photography, How to be in a fantasy football league 

EXCITEMENT - Our 2nd wedding anniversary (!!!), Nashville bachelorette trip, August wedding, 2 September weddings, and being asked to be a bridesmaid in our friends' August 2016 wedding 

ANXIOUS - 4th grade summer school (was anxious about this, but it went down without a hitch!), September approaching, teaching a technology seminar for new teachers to our county, another school year

PROUD - Nick being halfway done with his Master's program.  WOOT WOOT!!  Only 3 semesters to go for this dedicated dude of mine!! 

COOK - chicken pitas, pork chops, & fusilli with summer squash

READ - The Art of Racing in the Rain, Going off Script

....Which speaking of which, GOS by Giuliana Rancic was actually a lot better than I had anticipated!  G gives a very candid perspective of her thus-far life and leaves no stone unturned.  She shares her upbringing in Italy, her transition to the States, and her badass attitude along the way.  I had no idea that this fellow Italian was such a spitfire!  I knew she had personality from watching her on Fashion Police and other E! shows, but holy cow she has a set of you-know-whats.  On the other hand, she also has a softer side.  She shares she and Bill's infertility struggles, the trials and tribulations of having breast cancer, and how the loss of the late Joan Rivers impacted her.  Without giving away too much more, I must say this is one celebrity that I admire for her honesty and would be curious to read more on. If you're in the market for an easy read, this is a good one to check out :-)

I might try to squeeze in a read or two more before it's back to work, so keep a look out for what I read next!!  

Please note:  I received Going off Script from Blogging For Books as compensation for this review.  

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