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Monday, May 07, 2012

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{stats from 5/7/12 at 6:30am}
Ladies & gentlemen, I am  21 days invested and 18.5 lbs. lost!  I'm so proud/excited, and can't believe all the feats I've conquered to this point!  I haven't really noticed myself, but have been THRILLED to hear some positive feedback from Fi, his family, and even a co-worker saying they're beginning to notice some changes.  Their noticing has motivated me to continue through this next 17 days (now down to 13).  It hasn't been easy, and it won't be easy to continue, but results and positive feedback fuels me to continue!

During the second "cycle" of my diet I have a few goals ahead:
-Incorporate leeks, kale, and quinoa into my meals (three random things that I've been hearing/seeing a lot of lately)
-Make delicious lettuce wrapped tacos (possibly with shrimp or ground turkey?)
-Continue to work out & add more jogging to our neighborhood walks (got a few little jogs in throughout the walk yesterday)
-Lose 5lbs+ by the end of cycle 2

You won't even recognize me this time next year!  Thanks for continued following & support - wouldn't be able to do it without you...



Blythe Klippstein said...

That's awesome!!! Congrats girl!!!! :)

Nicole Rene said...

WOW!!! congrats!!! That is amazing!!! You should be so proud of yourselves!!! I work at a bridal shop & I love it when I have a bride who tells me how she has been able to lose weight and feels better about themselves! I think that's so great of you!! :)

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