Why I'm Not at Work...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Greetings from the comfort of my couch, y'all.
I could really and I mean really get used to "working" from home...  or being a stay at home fiance...  or just a house wife in general.  I know it totally contradicts what I worked 4 years at Penn State for, but it is nice to keep your pjs on, pour a cup of coffee, and do a little work while Hunger Games is playing in the background.  Not to mention especially awesome when your man is on the chair right next to you.  

I'm sure you're a little confused... I do have a job and I should be at work (it is Monday, right?), but thanks to this:

I'm granted one last day of freedom at no cost to my banked sick days.

I'm as shocked as you are...  My mom's reaction:

Yes, mom.  Snow day for that.  Don't be jealous ;) 

I'm not above taking whatever I can get, wherever, however.  And at 5 am when I received a phone call stating we had a 2-hour delay, I was more than pleased.  But when I then received a 2nd phone call stating we had a cancellation, I was as giddy as could be.  

So today the plan is:

...well, the plan hasn't been made yet.  But after a weekend without Nick (he left me for some guy time up in PA), it's time to catch up on one another's weekends.  I'll hear all about what shenanigans they got themselves into, and he'll hear about how "good" I was diet wise.

Speaking of which, this has happened people:

For you skinny minnies out there this number would be remarkably frightening and signify obesity and a necessity for hardcore dieting, but for me, it's the smallest number I've seen on the scale for well over 2 years.  45 lbs. down since last April... and at least 15 more to go!  (Again, baby steps... maybe 25 more to go, but let's get to 15 first).

Hope your Monday hurries on by...  and that Friday gets here quickly!  

linking up with Sami + Leeann + Carly :)  Thanks for hosting, ladies!

pssst: I'm sure you've heard, and thanks to those of you who have joined me here!  For those of you who haven't yet, here's your chance to redeem yourselves hee hee.


Linnea said...

Great job with the weight loss. I know what you mean about the skinny minnies. I am trying to get back down to 150 though!!

Kait said...

You can do it, You can do it! Weight loss is hard and annoying and awful and stressful and frustrating and (insert another word here), but I have faith in you! XO

Maggie B. said...

Woo hoo! Good job! 155 is my goal weight, and I've got around 25 ish pounds left to go. You can do it!

Stephanie said...

Oh man!! That's lucky!! I can't even remember my last snow day. I was probably in junior high :(

Libby's Life said...

I am at the exact same weight + in the exact same position as you... I feel you. I just had my 2nd babe + I was 200lbs when I had my first almost 3 years ago... and I really never lost the weight with him + then I got pregnant again. And it's been a struggle for me to get down to what I need to be, because at 5'3 that means I am way overweight. So I completely understand where you are + how you are feeling. So keep it up :) good luck!

Katie said...

that is a little ridiculous to have a snow day for that! :) buy yeah for an extra day off!! I am SOOOO ready for spring weather! and that is amazing about your weight loss - you are doing so good!!!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

You can do it on the pounds! Awesome job so far!

I cannot believe you're off for that snow.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Good for you!!! 154 is awesome! I need to get back on track and be like you!

And I'm so jealous of your snow day. I guess the downfall to having winter temps in the 60s means no days off :(

Thanks for linking up!

Karen Curtis said...

Congrats on your get fit challenge! I am trying to do the same thing after eating and lounging with my husband for the last year and a half. Time to get myself back together and shed this extra 25 lbs!

Enjoy your day!


Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

WOW congrats on the weight loss - go girl!!

Lol my mom still is figuring texting and her autocorrects are quite hilarious

Mary said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's so wonderful!

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