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Monday, June 08, 2015

Just a few days left in the school year until summer 2015 and I am READY!  It was an awesome year (great students, good schedule, etc.), but I'm ready to call it quits.  I think you just get to a point each school year when you know everything that needed to be accomplished has passed and the last few days serve more as a formality to tie off any loose ends.  Shockingly, we have 4 years down, and apparently 26 to go...?!  YIKES.  

We don't have any major summer vacation plans, but we will be traveling to PA a couple times, FL, and I will be headed to TN in a little over a month.  We might try to squeeze ATX into the mix, but we'll see!!  I'm sure we'll also be frequenting our pool a LOT and will enjoy cuddles and r&r with our impish Penny girl (who is currently taunting me with an empty K-cup box she scavenged off of the counter; bad girl!!).  What I can guarantee we'll also be doing is cooking.

Guys, I'm COOKING.  I mean, Blue Apron is sending me all the ingredients and is giving me fool-proof instructions (with accompanying pictures), but I'm doing it!  

We have Turkey Kibbeh, Spring Barley Soup, Beluga Lentil & Asparagus Salad, and Seared Halloumi Sandwiches on Focaccia  

And lastly, a non-BA strawberry cool-whip pie.  
Blue Apron is 110% not sponsoring me, but I figured with the success I've had with it a PSA was necessary.  If you're interested in trying a free meal, let me know!  I have a few to share and would be happy to send one your way :-)  And truly, if I can do it, so can you (as cliche as it is~!)  

Stay tuned for more BA meals... as well as my dabbling into a new (mini) adventure... a photography class!  

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